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We have yet to find a company who can honestly say they have enough truss, motors or lifts. Everyone can use more clamps and related gadgets. Motors, Distros, Genie Towers, Air Wall Hangers, Beam Clamps and EAW Fly Rings are just some of the items you will find when you click on the respective tabs to the left. Note: Rigging can be dangerous. Only properly trained professionals should attempt this type of work. While we stand behind all of our products, (and sometimes under them,) we are forced to sell all rigging and related items "as-is." Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.

We are your one stop solution for rigging products.
CM Classic Lodestar 1T 3 phase chain hoists are on the shelf ready to ship with your choice of 3 lifts.
40', 60', 80'

Motor pickles
Tomcat truss
Truss bases 24" 30" 36"
Adjustable beam clamps
CM Shackles
Spansets and GAC flex
burlap bags
Motion Lab motor distros
fixture clamps
airwall clamps