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Power Distros and Related Toys 267.228.8158
Anything relating to electrical power can be dangerous. Extreme care must be taken. Only qualified persons should attempt to use such products. As with ALL of our products, we warrant ALL item to be as listed. Due to possible risks and hazards, all power and rigging related items are sold as is. You should consult an electrician if you have any questions on electrical items or your local codes.

Edison PD. 3 phase cam input w/ thru reversed ground and neutral. 12 edison duplex circuits with case included  $1750

400A Cam distro -- Cam input w/ reversed g+n 6 x 125A cam outputs with spring-loaded covers

Dadco L6-20 Distro-- cam in and thru w/ reversed g+n 12 unique 20A L6-20 circuits with socapex and 2 20A edison duplex circuits


12 way Motor Distro

Edison/ Stage Pin

CAM SPLITTERS, 3FERS, T's, Taps and inline and panel mount connectors are in stock.

FACTORY NEW     Cam distro-- call it a jumbo three-fer if you will. These are factory new cam three-fer- Y cables w/ 24" 4/0 Entertainment cable attached. At this price, no production company can afford to be without. These are available in a few different versions. Please specify when ordering. Color choices are Red, Black, Blue, White and Green. The single connector and breakout ends will be opposite gender. You must tell us which way you want them. (single male to 3 female or single female to 3 male)    $73.97 ea.  Color coded caps are available but not included.