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The rumor is true!! will help you sell your gear for free!!!
It is easy. Send us a detailed description including: brand, model, age and photos. Tell us your requested net price. Many buyers like to know how the gear was used. (Production company, rental house, church, etc.) Tell us if a case included. Tell us what type of connector is on the gear. MOST importantly, please be truthful in the cosmetic and mechanical condition. Long story short, the more information you can provide us with, the quicker your items will sell. It is ok if the item is not in perfect condition, but you must be honest. If an item is misrepresented, the buyer may return it. You must accept that return. Depending on the situation, you will be billed for the return freight. Buyers and sellers must agree to be bound by our terms. It is our obvious objective to work in the best interest of BOTH buyers and sellers. Communication is the key. If a problem should arise, we will find a solution. will assist in any way possible. Send all the information + photos to You will be contacted to confirm the details.